Tailored offer

Our primary objective is to provide services designed to bring the customer optimization of logistics processes and measurable financial benefits.

In the interest of trust our customers have bestowed in us , and of the image of a reliable partner, we are committed to the following goals:

  • maintaining the confidentiality and security of commercial information,
  • constant searching for optimal solutions,
  • providing professional services before and after realizing the transport,
  • being punctual and reliable in providing forwarding and logistics services
  • effectively communicating between the freight forwarder and the customer.

To be able to keep up with the best we:

  • constantly raise the qualification of our employees,
  • standardize our processes (SQAS, ISO 9001:2008),
  • select and evaluate suppliers of transport services (annual audits),
  • provide comprehensive services, quickly respond to inquiries and forwarding orders (current analysis of needs),
  • care about the safety of cargo entrusted with us
  • we provide third-party liability of motor vehicle owners of the freight forwarder in the amount of €1,0000,0000.

What do we do?

  • transport of goods by road – express, FTL and LTL across Europe, as well as Turkey,
  • organisation of transport of oversized cargo,
  • ferry services,
  • customs clearance,
  • transport of dangerous goods ADR,
  • cargo insurance.

What do we offer?

  • attractive rates,
  • timely deliveries,
  • supervision and safety of cargo,
  • experienced and dedicated employees.

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